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Star BeautyCulture
Hai, girls !!! its only 4 u.. in this site u can share beauty tips with others.. please type ur tips & enjoy...

Group Founder: bugybest
Description: hai girls !! u know, a girl should know any tips about her beauty. so please share that in here. it wil b worth 4 others
Group Type: Public join
Members: 27
Category: Arts & Culture > Fashion

Topics (3)

go what r the morning facials? (1) bugybest
pls giv me somes tips.. how can i do facial at home in the monin.. if there is pimples &marks,do u hav sollution 4 that?

go night time beauty tips (1) nuska89
apply olive oil on dark marks in ur this for few months at night. u can erase ur dark marks like this

go how can v use fruites for faci (1) nuska89
papaya is the one of fruite v use 4 facial. apply papaya on face & keep 15min & u can c d freshnes on ur face..